Share what your Heart is saying

Hear my Heart is a new and fun way to share what your heart says. Simply place the bottom of your iPhone on the left chest to listen, record and share your heart sounds with loved ones.

Share your Heart Sounds in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Listen to your heart

In a quiet place, remove any phone cover and place the bottom of the phone on the chest. Press "Listen" and move the phone until you hear a heart sound.

Step 2: Record the heart sound

Upon hearing the heart sound, press the "Record" button.

Step 3: Share the heart sound

Press the "Stop" button when done. You are now ready to save the recording, and personalize and share it with loved ones.

A loving way of staying in touch with grandparents

Here is a sample recording a heart sound of my three year old daughter sharing her heart sound with grandma.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I hear my heart sound?

Please make sure you have done the following:

1) Remove any iPhone cover/shell

2) You are in a quiet place

3) Hold the phone at a “right angle” to your left chest or shoulder bone with the mic pressed firmly against the skin and press ‘Listen’ to listen for your heart sound. You can use AirPods for better sounds.

4) Press the "Listen" button

5) Move the phone around the area of your left chest and adjust until you can hear the heart sound

What does the heart sound like?

Here is a sample recording of an adult heart sound.

How do I add a picture and message to my saved heart sound?

After recording your heart sound, you can add a personal message and add a picture by tapping on the camera icon on the top right corner. See screenshot below:

Can I use this heart sound for diagnosing health conditions?

No, this app is NOT a medical device. While you are free to share the recording with anyone you choose the heart sounds recorded with this app are not meant to diagnose health conditions or provide health advise.

Is the app free?

Yes. If you would like an ad free version of the app, there is a one time charge.

Is the app AirPods-compatible?

Yes! Our app works with AirPods and without AirPods over the phone speaker.

How do I request a refund?

If you are using an Apple device, for refunds, you need to contact Apple directly. We do not control transactions as these are made directly between you and Apple. Here is a link from Apple on how to request refunds: